I am an English teacher delving into the new media, and soon I’ll be morphing from teacher to librarian. This is my fledgling professional librarian blog. I hope others will chime in.

To your right are links to various sites, blogs, and wikis I currently find useful. Warning: once you enter this morass you may not come up for air. These tools are in use by educators worldwide – and more emerge every day. But American public school teachers with 150 students (and 15 committees and endless meetings) have a hard time looking up long enough to even know they exist. Now that I am teaching overseas and have a semi-civilized workload I have taken the time to explore. I hope some of what is here will be interesting to my teacher friends.

Web 2.0 is a new world that’s reinvigorating my teaching – and giving me yet another reason to put off grading papers (I’m much too busy online). My Diigo lists have plenty of resources to get you started. Please share yours to any of my lists.

I was recently working with my students on a PBL asking whether educational tech (basically web 2.0 applications) increased learning, and became fascinated by the work of Howard Reingold, danah boyd, and others working in the new realm of participatory culture. The research on new media and participatory culture is thought provoking for teachers wondering what to make of all they are hearing about “21st century learners” and how to get their students on the right side of several digital divides.


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